Posted by: naturalfastweightloss | February 13, 2010

Tea fasting

Tea fasting can be a great way to help our bodies lose weight

Tea fasting is the same type of fasting as juice fasting, the only difference is you do it with herbal teas.

This is a great way to fast because when we drink herbal tea, we help our bodies out in many ways, first we give our bodies enough water to help flush out all our bad fats, poisons, bacteria’s and other things which need to go.

Then we give our bodies all the many great herbal properties which come along with herbal teas, and we can drink many different kinds of herbal teas while fasting which will help to revitalize and energize us, which will help speed up the weight loss process and give us strength.

Some herbal teas which are great for tea fasting will help us build a better digestion, or immune system, will help us with constipation, or will help heal our intestines, kidneys, thyroid gland, will help with our metabolism and so much more.

Ginger tea is a great herbal tea for fasting, it has many benefits such as the lowering of cholesterol, an increased metabolism which helps burn fat; ginger improves digestion and is a great immune booster. Losing weight with ginger tea is easy because it helps us increase our metabolism, which in turn burns more fats and carbohydrates.

Cinnamon tea is another great herbal tea to take for fasting, and it is an excellent tea for losing weight, cinnamon has many beneficial properties which will improve our health. Some of the health benefits cinnamon give us are the control of blood sugar, reduces cholesterol, it kills bacteria, yeast infections, and it helps build cognitive function and memory and can even help prevent cancer cells from developing.

Nettle tea is an amazing herb for tea, when eaten it supplies us with good amounts of nutrition and almost no calories, nettles are full of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B as well as sulphur, iron and potassium.

Nettles are great body detoxifier for tea fasting; they cleanse the body helping us let go of all our unwanted fat and indigestible material. This amazing plant likes it shady and wet and grows all over the United States and other parts of the world. It is a grass like plant with tinny stinging needles all over its leaves.

When nettle is cooked or soaked in how water as a tea, the stinging nettles stop working and are easily eaten. Some of the other benefits of this nettle plant other than weight loss are as follows. Nettles are great for helping us with asthma, coughs, arthritis, tendonitis and other diseases of the joints, nettles are also good for the skin and bladder problems.

Dandelion tea is another great herbal tea for a tea fast; it has detoxification properties which help us lose weight by cleansing our bodies of all our waste and unused fats. When we get cleansed our bodies start the healing process to become balanced.

Other health benefits from drinking tea made from dandelions are they are full of minerals and vitamins, the dandelion herb is packed full of the vitamins C, A, D, and B as well as zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, choline, manganese, boron, copper, calcium, and silicon.

Dandelion tea is great for helping our liver, kidney and gallbladder stay healthy, is good for diabetes, it is good for constipation and diarrhea and is also good for the skin.

These are only a very few of the herbal teas which would be great to take while on a fast, using them daily will help speed up the weight loss process and at the same time help to build a better stronger body.


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